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Car Diagnostics

Are the warning lights flashing on your vehicle’s instrument dashboard? If so, your vehicle is letting you know that there is a problem. Our professional technicians provide car diagnostics in St Austell and the surrounding areas of Cornwall for a competitive price. Our team can work on all vehicle makes and models and we use the latest diagnosis technology so that we can identify problems accurately.

If you would like any further information or to arrange a time for ECU diagnostics, contact us today.

Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics is a quick way to fault find problems in contemporary vehicles. Contemporary vehicles are fitted with an ECU (engine control unit) which joins multiple sensors inside the car. The ECU observes the performance and state of your car by analysing data that enters it via the sensors. If there is an issue, the correct sensor will set off an ECU fault code. A warning light will appear on the dash to let the vehicle driver know that there is an issue.

If lights suddenly show up on your dash, this should not be overlooked! We would advise getting your vehicle booked in for engine diagnostics at your earliest convenience so the fault can be identified before your vehicle sustains further damage.

Why You Should Visit Us for Vehicle Diagnostics

Our team have significant expertise when it comes to auto electrical systems, and we can provide your vehicle with a complete service. Here at our company, we do not simply plug in a diagnosis tool, carry out a scan and let you know the result. We do so much more. If you opt for us, we can run a diagnosis using state of the art tools and facilities. This involves a complete scan for fault codes and when the scan is over, we can inspect all aspects of the wiring and electrical connections coming from the ECU to make sure that there are no problems.

We can examine the results of the test results and offer a recommendation on appropriate repairs.

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