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Laser Wheel Alignment

We have the latest 4 wheel alignment tools to make sure we identify and resolve any misalignment problems, ensuring excellent vehicle handling. Misalignment will affect your safety, vehicle handling, potentially cause unnecessary tyre wear and escalate fuel consumption. Laser wheel alignment involves advanced technology to correct misalignment issues effectively. It has the potential to drastically improve the safety and handling of your vehicle. Incorrect alignment can lead to significant fuel consumption, pulling to one side and bad handling. We have modern aligning tools for great accuracy to ensure impeccable alignment.

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How Will I Know If My Wheels Are Misaligned?

There are various indicators that your wheels do not align correctly. These tell-tale signs include the steering wheel not being centred when the wheels are straight. Furthermore, signs can also include uneven tyre wear, and the sensation that the vehicle pulling.

Benefits of Laser Wheel Alignment?

Everyday driving, with time, can cause wheels to become misaligned. Driving over a pothole, bump in the road surface or curbing the vehicle can all result in poor alignment. Just a few benefits you can expect from having us undertake laser wheel aligning include:

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