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Car Air Conditioning

Here at our garage, we carry out comprehensive car air conditioning services and use the latest air conditioning equipment to accommodate R123YF and R1234A gases. With time, your air con system can deteriorate, so if you are noticing problems then bring your vehicle to our team. We can inspect, fix or recharge your system to get it functioning optimally. The air con system cleans and deodorises the air, so our service will improve the quality of the air inside your vehicle. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Our Services

We can perform air con repairs for most vehicle makes and models. Since an air con check is not typically included in a regular car service, we would advise getting the vehicle system inspected every couple of years to maintain an excellent performance. Your refrigerant will empty as time goes on, so we can fix any problems to get your air con functioning optimally. Our services include, though are not restricted to, air con services, recharging and repair work.

You can put your confidence in us to accurately diagnose problems in your system. Through using the most up to date software, we can learn what is causing the problem and provide exceptional repair solutions.

Get In Touch With Us For Repairs

If your vehicle needs to be fixed, get in touch with our team. Here at our garage, we provide top quality workmanship and amazing customer service, and we can assure you that you will not find a more competent team elsewhere! We provide our clients with great advice and very low costs.

Contact Sandy Garage Ltd

For a car air conditioning service, contact us today to book your vehicle in for an appropriate time for you. Whether you would like to fix your air con service, or to regas your system, we can fulfil your requirements.

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